Asthma and COPD

Asthma and COPD Long Term Condition monitoring is led by Margaret Nelson our Practice Nurse. These clinics are held on a Wednesday afternoon.
These appointments can also be booked online.

We generally request patients to attend for a 30 minute annual review and to assess their inhaler technique.


Asthma is a common lung condition that causes occasional breathing difficulties.

It affects people of all ages and often starts in childhood, although it can also develop for the first time in adults.

There’s currently no cure, but there are simple treatments that can help keep the symptoms under control so it doesn’t have a big impact on your life.

Links to further information on Asthma please visit the NHS Website and Asthma UK –

Link to Guidance from Chartered Society of Physiotherapy that may provide further assistance and information with your condition.


Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is the name for a group of lung conditions that cause breathing difficulties.

It includes:

  • emphysema – damage to the air sacs in the lungs
  • chronic bronchitis – long-term inflammation of the airways

COPD is a common condition that mainly affects middle-aged or older adults who smoke. Many people don’t realise they have it.

The breathing problems tend to get gradually worse over time and can limit your normal activities, although treatment can help keep the condition under control.

Causes of COPD

COPD occurs when the lungs become inflamed, damaged and narrowed. The main cause is smoking, although the condition can sometimes affect people who have never smoked.

The likelihood of developing COPD increases the more you smoke and the longer you’ve smoked.

Some cases of COPD are caused by long-term exposure to harmful fumes or dust, or occur as a result of a rare genetic problem that means the lungs are more vulnerable to damage.

Links to further information on COPD please visit the NHS Website and British Lung Foundation –